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  • 45,00 € HT 60,00 € -25%
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    READ THIS BEFORE BUYING A REPLACEMENT TURBO, or if you have overboost/ underboost issues/ fault codes. The Revive Kit has been conceived to allow a complete cleaning of the motor in a single application. The Revive Kit is easy to use, after its use you will have a sporty and powerful driving. 

    45,00 € HT 60,00 € -25%
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  • 58,08 € HT
    1 Review(s)

    TURBO / EGR / DPF CLEANER without dismantling for Petrol and Diesel engines  Cleans the air supply system  Improves the engine's original energy efficiency  Avoid replacement of expensive parts

    58,08 € HT
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  • 45,75 € HT
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    The anti-leak air conditioning kit with tracer has been designed to repair leaks on car air-conditioning systems running with R134a gas.

    45,75 € HT
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  • 174,60 € HT 194,00 € -10%

    This kit has been conceived to resolve the DPF problems in 45 minutes without dismantling the particulate filter It is composed of: DPF cleaner - cleaning product 5L for 6 uses ref FTCS77003A DPF cleaner - rinsing product 5L for 6 uses ref FTCS77004A Special Dispenser for DPF Cleaning ref FTCS77007A

    174,60 € HT 194,00 € -10%
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  • 3 490,00 € HT
    2 Review(s)

    Hydrogen Eccomotors descaling station It makes easier the technical checking of your vehicle by reducing a 70% of the pollution.Reduces the consuming ( 100 kms more per refueling )Restore the initial performances of your vehicleMaintenance cost are reducedAvoid the failuresWork on every motors no matter the gasoline

    3 490,00 € HT
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  • 16,50 € HT
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    PAG ISO 46 oil with low viscosity compressor for air conditioning systems using refrigerant R134a. Also available in version PAG100, PAG150, with or without DYE.

    16,50 € HT
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  • 79,00 € HT
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