Reference: FTCOFAP05L

DPF Cleaner 99% (with disassembly)

Particulate Filter Cleaner. Cleaning protocol: - Immerse the DPF in a liquid bath so that it is immersed - Wait for the product to take effect, and help the cleaning by rubbing the soiled parts with a brush.

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Reference: SPD-1449-9000

Brand: Revive

Revive - Turbo Cleaner Starter Kit

The Revive Kit has been designed to allow a complete cleaning of the engine in one application, it is easy to use and after its use you will find a sporty and powerful driving experience.  Similar products: REVIVE TURBO CLEANER + REVIVE TURBO MAINTENANCE -10% Revive - turbo / engine cleaner - starter kit (GASOLINE)

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Reference: FTCOEGR01L

EGR valve cleaner (with disassembling)

With this product, you can clean "comme neuf" une vanne EGR encrassée, et de façon plus générale toute pièce métallique sur laquelle de la calamine et/ou des résidus de suies, de goudrons se sont posés. This products can also interesting you: EGR VALVE CLEANER (TO POUR IN THE FUEL CELL) EGR VALVE CLEANER (SPRAY)

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Reference: JLMJ02220

Brand: JLM Lubricant

Diesel DPF Spray

Allows to carry out 1 complete cleaning Removes carbon particles and other deposits that clog the particulate filter No need to dismantle the FAP Supplied with a hose of about 50 cm This product is intended for individuals who want to effectively clean their dirty particulate filter. Non-flammable product; it can be shipped to you by air

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Reference: IRORP3000

Renov'Phares - Headlight renovation kit

Renov'Phares is a renovation kit for the headlights of your vehicle, the kit allows the renovation of 2 headlights with one application in only 2 minutes. Renov'Phares is the easiest way to restore the radiance of your dulled headlights. After an application in about 2 minutes and a drying time close to 50 minutes, you can easily find your headlights as new.

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Engine oil treatment 300ml bottle
  • Engine oil treatment 300ml bottle

Irontek - Engine oil treatment 300ml


The 300 ml bottle of engine oil treatment is used for the protection and maintenance of engine oil systems for gasoline and diesel engines. 

Simply added after draining to a new engine oil or into the gearbox circuit, the product improves engine life and performance, but also reduces fumes produced by the vehicle's exhaust.

With a 300 ml bottle you can treat up to 12 litres of oil.

German quality guarantee 

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Using Irontek engine oil treatment extends the life of your engine, reduces friction and increases compression.

Product features :

Engine oil treatment is a high performance product for your engine's oil circuits, its use allows the optimization and maintenance of gasoline and diesel engines by various actions:

  • Friction reductions
  • Limitation of engine wear
  • Lower oil and fuel consumption
  • Resistance to seizure
  • More flexible motor operation
  • Improves engine life 

Product benefits :

  • Extended motor life
  • Cleaning of parts in contact with oil
  • Reduces exhaust fumes
  • Improves engine efficiency

Instructions for use:

After draining, add the product in new oil, the 300 ml of products can treat up to 12 litres of oil.

ATTENTION: For a gearbox, only dose at 10% of the oil volume.

5 litres of oil 1/2 bottle = 150 ml
12 litres of oil 1 bottle = 300 ml
Gearbox 10% of the oil volume

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Reference: FTEM0100A

Descaling station eccomotors Automotive Descaler

Hydrogen Eccomotors descaling station  - It makes easier the technical checking of your vehicle by reducing a 70% of the pollution. - Reduces the consuming ( 100 kms more per refueling ) - Restore the initial performances of your vehicle - Maintenance cost are reduced - Avoid the failures - Work on every motors no matter the gasoline Possible financing...

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Reference: FTCS77003A

DPF cleaner - cleaning product 5L

DPF cleaner - cleaning product 5L Product to clean the particulate filter (DPF). This liquid must be used with a DPF cleaner dispenser  Quantity: 5 LitersNumber of possible uses: 5 uses

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Reference: LOGTKN100F-1

Brand: Logikko

HHO Hydrogene Drycell Integrated Kit

Reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption thanks to this HHO  Hydrogene Drycell Integrated Kit Save up up to 100 km on every full  Decrease the pollution of your vehicle of 70 % More explanations below

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Diag-Auto presents the "blague friday" ! ("blague" is "joke" in french)  You want to know more ? The presentation of the event is online ! (english translator in progress)

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Reference: KIGAZ100

Gaz analyser for descaling station

 Gaz Analysor Kigaz100 ECCOMOTORS for descaling station: This mobile gaz analysor point out the next information:  Oxygene (measured) CO (measured) CO2 (measured) Outside temperature Gaz Temperature

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Reference: BAR9045

Brand: Bardahl

Antipollution Technical Control Pass - Diesel

WHEN TO USE IT To decrease your consumption and restore the performances. To cross(spend) the inspection without any trouble. PROPERTIES Contains a flask " Stop smoked " and a flask " Cleaning injectors ". Stop smokes. Reduced the consumption. Restores the performances.

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Reference: IT205

Brand: Irontek

Irontek - Pass roadworthiness test

The roadworthiness test pass allows a complete and efficient cleaning of the engine through the oil circuit and the intake circuit thanks to the two bottles that make up the kit. Easy to use and without dismantling, the kit reduces the pollution emissions of the diesel vehicle to comply with the rules of the anti-pollution roadworthiness test but also to...

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Reference: FTCS77004A

DPF cleaner - rinsing product 5L

This Product is used for rinsing the DPF after the application of the cleaning liquid for DPF This product must be used with a special dispenser for DPF cleaning Capacity: 5 Liters Number of application: 6 uses Watch the tutorial video below

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Reference: IT100

Brand: Irontek

Irontek - Diesel injector cleaner 300ml

The 300 ml bottle of diesel injector cleaner is used for cleaning and optimizing the performance of diesel engine injectors.  Simply added to the fuel tank before refuelling, Irontek Diesel Injector Cleaner provides high-performance cleaning of the injection system, reduces fuel consumption and improves engine performance. With a 300 ml bottle you can...

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Brand: JLM Lubricant

Diesel DPF Cleaning Kit

The JLM Diesel DPF Cleaning Kit has been developed for cleaning clogged diesel particulate filters and to prevent future repeated build-up of soot in the particulate filter. 

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Reference: FTCS77007A

Special Dispenser for DPF Cleaning

Special Dispenser for DPF Cleaning without dismantling  This special dispenser allows, thanks to the two pipes (one stiff in metal and one flexible in plastic), an efficient cleaning of the FAP/DPF. Works on every vehicules Professional result in 45 minutes The best result for the best price Watch the video below !!!

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