Reference: FTCOFAP05L

DPF Cleaner 99% (with disassembly)

Particulate Filter Cleaner. Cleaning protocol: - Immerse the DPF in a liquid bath so that it is immersed - Wait for the product to take effect, and help the cleaning by rubbing the soiled parts with a brush.

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Reference: JLMJ02220

Brand: JLM Lubricant

Diesel DPF Spray

Allows to carry out 1 complete cleaning Removes carbon particles and other deposits that clog the particulate filter No need to dismantle the FAP Supplied with a hose of about 50 cm This product is intended for individuals who want to effectively clean their dirty particulate filter. Non-flammable product; it can be shipped to you by air

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Reference: FTCOEGR01L

EGR valve cleaner (with disassembling)

With this product, you can clean "comme neuf" une vanne EGR encrassée, et de façon plus générale toute pièce métallique sur laquelle de la calamine et/ou des résidus de suies, de goudrons se sont posés. This products can also interesting you: EGR VALVE CLEANER (TO POUR IN THE FUEL CELL) EGR VALVE CLEANER (SPRAY)

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Reference: SPD-1449-9000

Brand: Revive

Revive - Turbo Cleaner Starter Kit

The Revive Kit has been designed to allow a complete cleaning of the engine in one application, it is easy to use and after its use you will find a sporty and powerful driving experience.  Similar products: REVIVE TURBO CLEANER + REVIVE TURBO MAINTENANCE -10% Revive - turbo / engine cleaner - starter kit (GASOLINE)

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Reference: FTCS88022A

Obus 19.00x5.12mm

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Reference: FTEMLIQ05KG

Brand: Frades Technologies

5L Liquid for Descaling station

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Reference: FTCS15012A

Robinair AC595 A/C Filter

Robinair Filter for air conditionning machine AC595 Compatible with all these machines: Robinair: ACM3000, Robinair AC595PRO, AC1234-3 et AC1x34-3 Bosch: ACS 400, ACS 450, ACS 500, ACS 561, ACS 600, ACS 601, ACS 650, ACS 661, ACS 511. ICS/Bosch Tronic Texa: Konfort K650E, K670E, 705R Delphi Refmatic- SPX: 6635-AD

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A/C Gas quantity for R1234yf Vehicles


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Quantity of R1234yf gas to be used

Would you like to know the quantity of gas R1234-YF and the type of oil to be injected during an operation on a vehicle equipped with the new gas?

This table is at your disposal.

You can help us by completing this table by sending us the additional information you have. Send us an e-mail.

Brand Vehicle Type of gaz Quantity of gaz (g) Compressor Oil
Alfa Roméo C4 R-1234yf    
BMW I3 R-1234yf    
BMW I8 R-1234yf    
Chevrolet Trax R-1234yf    
Chevrolet Malibu R-1234yf    
Citroen C-Elysee R-1234yf    
Citroen C4 Cactus R-1234yf    
Citroen C4 Picasso R-1234yf    
Fiat 500X R-1234yf    
Fisker Karma R-1234yf    
Ford Transit M1 R-1234yf    
Ford Nugget R-1234yf    
Hyundai I30 R-1234yf    
Hyundai IX45 R-1234yf    
Hyundai Santa fé R-1234yf    
Jeep Renegade R-1234yf    
Kia Ceed R-1234yf    
Kia Carens R-1234yf    
Kia Optima R-1234yf    
Land Rover Range Rover (L405) R-1234yf    
Lexus GS250 R-1234yf    
Lexus Lexus GS450 R-1234yf    
Mazda CX5 R-1234yf    
Mazda CX6 R-1234yf    
Misubishi Space Star R-1234yf    
Nissan Note R-1234yf  400

 PAG SAEJ639 J2842 J2845

27090 E941C NISSAN

Nissan Quasqai R-1234yf 450  
Opel Mokka R-1234yf 570  
Peugeot 307 R-1234yf    
Peugeot 301 R-1234yf    
Renault Zoé R-1234yf    
Renault Twingo R-1234yf  > 370 gr POE 
Subaru BRZ R-1234yf    
Subaru XV R-1234yf    
Subaru Forester R-1234yf    
Suzuki S-Cross R-1234yf    
Suzuki SX4 R-1234yf    
Tesla   R-1234yf    
Toyota GT86 R-1234yf 350 ND-OIL12
Toyota Prius R-1234yf    
Volvo XC90 R-1234yf    

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