Car Luxury specialises in the sale and rental of premium and sports cars in Laval in the Pays de la Loire. Our VIP service is there to accompany you and advise you in your choice of vehicle, whether you are renting or buying a car. The Car Luxury team will do its utmost to fulfil all your wishes, whether it's a question of purchase, import, trade-in, personalised search or even luxury car rental!

Car Luxury is a young company that wishes to democratise the passion for cars with the greatest number of people. We work with an extensive network of trusted partners and car dealers in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Poland.

Still haven't found the car you want? Don't worry. The Car Luxury team is here to help you with your personal car search. Do you want to buy a good car but don't have the time to do your own research?

Our responsive and attentive team will take care of all the steps for you, from defining your needs to home delivery, including negotiation to provide you with the car of your dreams at an unbeatable price.

Car Luxury allows you to rent sports cars for weekends, events and weddings. Whether you are with your family, as a couple or for pure personal enjoyment, for an unforgettable holiday. The luxury car rental services we offer are truly exceptional cars. Based in Laval, we enjoy an ideal geographical location.

1 hour drive from Angers

1 hour drive from Rennes

1 hour drive from Le Mans

Or 1h20 from Paris by TGV

Our wish is to make the passion of the automobile accessible to all, by combining sportiness, joy and elegance.