With us, your satisfaction is paramount. That is why we are constantly working on ways to meet your needs and requirements which allow us to evolve over the years. 

So, we decided to create THE special day that you should like. This day is “Blague Friday” in French. The English/American translation is therefore “Joke’s Friday”, a French pun on the famous Black Friday

Does that speak to you?

What is Joke’s Friday?

You’ve all heard of Black Friday. This is a primarily American business event that takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Today marks the peak period for Christmas shopping. 

On diag-auto, we have chosen to offer you discounts throughout the year. We have implemented in January the first edition of Joke’s Friday on our website! The principle is very simple. This Friday and in the future every last Friday of the month, it is YOU who propose the prices! Yep, you got it right… and this is not a joke.

Important information to know

The event involves all the products on our website

It takes place every Friday at the end of the month, from 9 am to 5.30 pm (hours in mainland France) via the online chat service

Prices are displayed exclusive of tax. The proposal must therefore be based on this amount (Note that no tax is added outside of mainland France)

The reduction does not apply to the shipping costs which remain unchanged

Proposals must be reasonable. They may be refused if the demand is excessively low.

Specify your request

If you are interested in a product(s):

Send a message through the chat window

Specify product name and reference

Offer a price

Order within 10-15 minutes of confirming the request (orders shipped the same day)


Client: Hello, I am interested in product x, reference y. Is z$ excl. Tax a price that would suit you? 

If a request for 49€ is made for a product at 50$, it will probably be accepted. On the contrary, if the request is to lower the product by worth 50 to 1$, the proposal will probably be refused. 

Request must therefore be serious and reasonable. The goal is to offer you to buy at the price you think is right. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

PS : Having no official translators for our website, do not hesitate to correct us if you see the point. We put in place the necessay to improve our website for you.