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On sale! DPF Cleaner 99% (with disassembly) Quick view

Reference: FTCOFAP05L

DPF Cleaner 99% (with disassembly)

Particulate Filter Cleaner. Cleaning protocol: - Immerse the DPF in a liquid bath so that it is immersed - Wait for the product to take effect, and help the cleaning by rubbing the soiled parts with a brush.

Price €47.00
In stock
10A Fuse holder with bypass... Quick view

Reference: FTEL09015

10A Fuse holder with bypass / 1.5mm²

Fuse holder with bypass, available for mini or standard fuse. Allows the fast and safe derivation of the electrical circuit. Cable 1.5mm² Maximum amperage: 10A (ampere)

Price €2.84
In stock
Fusible disjoncteur réarmable standard Quick view

Reference: FTELFD0005

Standard resettable circuit breaker fuse

Manually resettable circuit breaker fuses Application : - Protection against short circuits and over-voltages on electrical circuits. - They are installed in place of conventional fuses, in particular on fuse holders and standard fuse boxes.  - Unlike conventional fuses, they are resettable and reusable.  

Price €4.50
In stock
Valve R134a - 21.55x7.80mm Quick view
Price €2.53
In stock
Robinair AC595 A/C Filter for A/C machine Quick view

Reference: FTCS15012A

Brand: Air Conditioning Solution

Robinair AC595 A/C Filter

Robinair Dryer Filter for air conditionning machine AC595 Compatible with all these machines: Robinair: ACM3000, Robinair AC595PRO, AC1234-3 et AC1x34-3 Bosch: ACS 400, ACS 450, ACS 500, ACS 561, ACS 600, ACS 601, ACS 650, ACS 661, ACS 511. ICS/Bosch Tronic Texa: Konfort K650E, K670E, 705R Delphi Refmatic- SPX: 6635-AD WAECO ASC 3000

Price €38.00
In Stock
On sale! Stop-leak / Anti-leak for A/C Quick view

Reference: FTCS11013A

Brand: Air Conditioning Solution

Stop-leak / Anti-leak for A/C

PRODUCT CONTAINING FLAMMABLE AEROSOL NOT SUITABLE FOR AIR TRANSPORT - CUSTOMERS IN THE DOM-TOMS WILL GO TO THE SYRINGE VERSION The air conditioning anti-leak kit with tracer has been designed to repair leaks on car air conditioning systems running on R134a gas. Repairs leaks of metallic (condenser, compressor, evaporator, filter drier) or plastic (rings,...

Price €27.00
In stock
Robinair, Technotest, SPX A/C drying Filter Quick view

Reference: FTCS15004A

Brand: Air Conditioning Solution

Robinair, Technotest, SPX A/C drying Filter

Robinair / Technotest / SPX Air conditionning Filter Brand (s): Robinair, Technotest, SPXModel (s): AC590 Pro, AC690 Pro, AC790Pro Original Filter (OEM) Number: 5117399Reference of the filter's manufacturer: WEU412MOI or LN1132 (Parker Worldseries)

Price €47.00
In Stock
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4–Channel Oscilloscope - Advanced Kit
  • 4–Channel Oscilloscope - Advanced Kit

4–Channel Oscilloscope - Advanced Kit



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The advanced PicoScope kit

The 4-channel oscilloscope kit, advanced version, is the most complete kit in its category for making a complete diagnosis on a vehicle. Consisting of a most advanced 4-channel oscilloscope and a substantial list of accessories, you can take advantage of the best of your equipment.

As with all Pico kits, everything fits in a sturdy storage case, ideal for storing your kit or taking it with you.

  • Measure up to 4 signals at once
  • 32 million sample memory
  • 100 volts maximum input
  • CAN bus compatible
  • FlexRay compatible
  • Use with any vehicle
  • Free software updates
  • 24 month warranty
  • Free technical support

Our Advanced Diagnostics Kit is the ultimate in vehicle diagnostics.

Fully vehicle independent, the Advanced Diagnostics Kit can be used to test and diagnose faults on everything from a Segway to a superliner (although most of our users are happy to stick to bikes, cars and trucks).

The advanced kit use the latest and most advanced PicoScope lab scope – thePicoScope 4423 Automotive Oscilloscope.

The PicoScope 4423 can capture signals four times faster than any other PicoScope automotive scope – this makes it compatible with the emerging FlexRay standard and ensures your kit will continue to be useful for many years to come.

As well as capturing faster signals, the PicoScope 4423 also outperforms other scopes thanks to the 32 MiB of ‘always on’ memory. With 64 times the memory of the previous generation of scopes, the PicoScope 4423 ensures that you can effortlessly capture every detail of the signal. Never again will you miss those hard-to-find intermittent faults.

Along with our most advanced PicoScope lab scope, an Advanced Kit also includes a wide variety of probes, test leads and other accessories all designed to make it quicker and easier for you to carry out your tests. When not in use, the scope and all accessories can be stored in the durable case. Perfect for mobile diagnostics.

If you want the best diagnostics kit available, you want an Advanced Diagnostics Kit.

Advanced Diagnostics Kit Specifications
Oscilloscope PicoScope Automotive PicoScope 4423
Number of lanes 4
Precision ±1%
Memory 32 Mo
Max sampling rate
1 or 2 channels used
3 or 4 channels used

80 MS/s
20 MS/s
Current clamp 60A  DC 2
Current clamp 600 A  AC/DC 1
20:1 attenuator 4
TA000 Cordon BNC test lead to  4mm banana plug 4
PP718 Premium test cable (set of 4 cables) 1
Secondary ignition pickup 4
Spark plug leads 4
COP prob (secondary ignition) 1
BNC to BNC cable with ground for COP 1
2-pin break out lead 1
Breakout cable small 1
Breakout cable medium 1
Breakout cable large 1
Fuse buddies - ATC 1
Fuse buddies - mini ATC 1
60 MHz oscilloscope probe 2
Multimeter probes 2 black, 2 red
Small crocodile clips 2 black, 2 red
Dolphin clips 1 black, 1 red
Insulation piercing probes 1
Test needles 1
Hook-S 1
Kit to identify cables 1
Electronic diagnostic CD for cars 1
PicoScope Automotive software CD 1
PicoScope protective rubber case 1
Storage case 1
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