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DPF Cleaner 99% (with disassembly) Quick view

Reference: FTCOFAP05L

DPF Cleaner 99% (with disassembly)

Particulate Filter Cleaner. Cleaning protocol: - Immerse the DPF in a liquid bath so that it is immersed - Wait for the product to take effect, and help the cleaning by rubbing the soiled parts with a brush.

Price €45.00
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Revive - Turbo Cleaner Starter Kit Quick view

Reference: SPD-1449-9000

Brand: Revive

Revive - Turbo Cleaner Starter Kit

The Revive Kit has been designed to allow a complete cleaning of the engine in one application, it is easy to use and after its use you will find a sporty and powerful driving experience.  Similar products: REVIVE TURBO CLEANER + REVIVE TURBO MAINTENANCE -10% Revive - turbo / engine cleaner - starter kit (GASOLINE)

Price €55.00
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Diesel DPF Spray Quick view

Reference: JLMJ02220

Brand: JLM Lubricant

Diesel DPF Spray

Allows to carry out 1 complete cleaning Removes carbon particles and other deposits that clog the particulate filter No need to dismantle the FAP Supplied with a hose of about 50 cm This product is intended for individuals who want to effectively clean their dirty particulate filter. Non-flammable product; it can be shipped to you by air

Price €19.00
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On sale! Stop-leak / Anti-leak for A/C Quick view

Reference: FTCS11013A

Brand: Air Conditioning Solution

Stop-leak / Anti-leak for A/C

PRODUCT CONTAINING FLAMMABLE AEROSOL NOT SUITABLE FOR AIR TRANSPORT - CUSTOMERS IN THE DOM-TOMS WILL GO TO THE SYRINGE VERSION The air conditioning anti-leak kit with tracer has been designed to repair leaks on car air conditioning systems running on R134a gas. Repairs leaks of metallic (condenser, compressor, evaporator, filter drier) or plastic (rings,...

Price €36.67
In Stock
EGR valve cleaner (with disassembling) Quick view

Reference: FTCOEGR01L

EGR valve cleaner (with disassembling)

With this product, you can clean "comme neuf" une vanne EGR encrassée, et de façon plus générale toute pièce métallique sur laquelle de la calamine et/ou des résidus de suies, de goudrons se sont posés. This products can also interesting you: EGR VALVE CLEANER (TO POUR IN THE FUEL CELL) EGR VALVE CLEANER (SPRAY)

Price €17.50
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Robinair AC595 A/C Filter for A/C machine Quick view

Reference: FTCS15012A

Brand: Air Conditioning Solution

Robinair AC595 A/C Filter

Robinair Filter for air conditionning machine AC595 Compatible with all these machines: Robinair: ACM3000, Robinair AC595PRO, AC1234-3 et AC1x34-3 Bosch: ACS 400, ACS 450, ACS 500, ACS 561, ACS 600, ACS 601, ACS 650, ACS 661, ACS 511. ICS/Bosch Tronic Texa: Konfort K650E, K670E, 705R Delphi Refmatic- SPX: 6635-AD

Price €38.00
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Filter for Robinair SPX air conditionning machine Quick view

Reference: FTCS15011A

Brand: Air Conditioning Solution

Filter for Robinair SPX air conditionning machine

Brand(s): Robinair, SPX, Nauder AutomotiveModel(s): Robinair 17700-2K, Robinair 34134A, Robinair 34134-2K, Robinair 342000, Robinair 34234, Robinair 34300-2K, Robinair 34700, Robinair 34700-2K, ROBINAIR SPX 34724, Robinair 34800, Robinair 34800-2K, Robinair 34900Pro Original Filter (OEM) Number: Robinair 34724Reference of the filter's manufacturer:

Price €38.00
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Kit complet spécial automobile
  • Kit complet spécial automobile

Automotive Diagnostic kit (ADK)

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Features: Silvertronic introduces the Automotive Diagnostic Kit (ADK). This comprehensive kit features a variety of adapting leads which enable connectivity to virtually all the automotive connectors found in foreign and domestic vehicles. Additionally this kit contains many handy automotive testing accessories all organized in a high quality hard case. The ADK enables the technician to safely connect and perform fast and easy diagnostic measurements. This high quality, all encompassing kit will support the user in his daily testing and diagnostic tasks. Track down your electrical problems with professional testing accessories made exclusively for the automotive field! 

Item 1. Automotive Leads. Flexible silicone adapting lead 35 cm long. On one side 4mm safety right angle plug and on the other side individual automotive connector male or female type. 2 of each size both male and female. 
6.3 Flat-4.8Flat-2.8/0.8Flat-1.5Flat-1.2Flat-0.63Flat-2.5Round-1.5Round-1.00Round. 

Item 2. CordPro 6m 6 metres of double insulated silicone cable conveniently stored in this handy protective cable reel. 
One end terminating in a 4 mm straight plug the other in a 4 mm right angle plug. 
Part No. 134390/B = black 

Item 3. Right Angle Back Probe. This unique Back Probe enables measurement in confined areas. 
The attached lead with socket allows connection with any standard 4 mm plug. 
Part No. 121521/R= red. 121521/B=black 

Item 4. Pair Back Probing Probes. A pair of slim back probing probes, made of ‘spring steel’. 
Compatible with any 4mm plug. 
Part No. 134313. 

Item 5. T-Socket. 3 way 4 mm socket enables to extend, adapt, bridge and create a test point. 
Part No. 124531/R = red x 2. Part No. 124531/B = black x 2. 

Item 6. Easy Access Back Probes. 0.7 mm (0.028”) O.D. Back Probe Pins. Perfect for connecting to fuel injectors, MAP and TPS sensors, as well as any weather pack seal type connectors. Compatible with any industry-standard 4 mm plug. 
Part No. 134388. 

Item 7. Pair Test Leads. Double Silicone insulated, 1,2 m long. On one side 1 x 4 mm safety plug straight and on the other side 1 x 4mm safety plug right angle. 
Part No. 129301 

Item 8. Long Reach Cable Piercer. The Extended cable piercer has the same uses as the standard but with a longer shaft for the more in-accessible areas needed to be tested. Please note that this product does not have the wedge shaped head. 
Part No. 121048/B = black 

Item 9. Cable Piercer The standard cable piercer is ideal for intrusive measurement taking when back probing in not practicable or desired. The piercer has a wedge shaped front for ease of insertion. 
Part No. 121046/R = red 

Item 10. Pair Flanged Fully Insulated Crocodile Clip. Will accept all standard 4 mm plugs. Maximum jaw opening 26 mm 
Part No. 134002. 

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Waterproof micro fuse holder - 30A / 4mm² Quick view

Reference: FTOS02012B

Waterproof micro fuse holder - 30A / 4mm²

Waterproof fuse holder Supplied with a 30cm (4mm²) cable (max 30A)

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Fuse holder with current measurement loop Quick view

Reference: FTELCFCL-01

FUSE BUDDY Current Loop

Plug this FUSE BUDDY Current Loop on a fusebox to check the current drained by a circuit

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Thermomètre sans contact par visée laser Quick view

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Laser Thermometer whitout contact

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Mini waterproof fuse holder - 30A / 4mm² Quick view
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-35% -35% On sale! Automotive Multimeter AT-898 Quick view

Reference: FTELATF6091

Automotive Multimeter AT-898

AT-898 True RMS auto calculate/Cativ DC/AC TRMS The multimeter is a slim sized portable unit with stable performance and anti dropping capacity. Using 6000 digits LCD monitor with 22mm high characters it offers very clear reading.

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Automatic Multimeter OMITEC SmartTouch face FTEL060706. Quick view

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Multimeter OMITEC SmartTouch

Automatic Multimeter This revolutionary digital multimeter makes testing a circuit or component as simple as pushing the Power button. Nothing to select. The smartTouch 321 instantly displays the correct measurement value fort the job at hand, ensuring maximum productivity! "SmartTouche" one-button operation Autodétection & ranging on DCV, ACV &...

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-50% -50% On sale! Glow Plug Tester Quick view

Reference: FTELATF6110

Glow Plug Tester

Designed to work with 12V DC. The glow plug tester allows you to test the glow plugs of diesel-powered vehicles individually and without disassembly.

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-25% -25% Probe thermometer Quick view

Reference: FTELDT1370

Probe thermometer

Equipped with its remote probe, this thermometer will allow you to capture the ambient temperature in all conditions. Ideal for controlling the temperature of the air leaving the air conditioning, in a car interior, or The + product: Delivered with a protective shell.

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4-channel oscilloscope kit Quick view

Reference: SIL871490

Brand: Silvertronic

4-channel oscilloscope kit

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- €20.00 -€20.00 On sale! Accessories set for multimeter Quick view

Reference: GUN77039

Set Automotive Test Lead (Gunson 77039)

Terminal test set designed to fit on standard 4mm Banana plugs as used on multimeter and other testing equipment. Complete with aluminium storage case. Terminal test set Designed to fit on standard 4mm Banana plugs as used on multimeter and other testing equipment Also suitable for other test equipment Great time saver Complete with Aluminium storage case

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-40% -40% On sale! AC/DC clamps CP-05 current probes Quick view

Reference: FTELATF6100

AC/DC clamps CP-05 current probes

The CP-05 model is a small AC / DC current clamp. This probe converts the measured current into voltage so that with its BNC price, it is possible to read the measurement on an oscilloscope and / or a digital multimeter (DMM).

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Diesel Injector Flow Test Kit Quick view

Reference: ATD2154

Diesel Injector Flow Test Kit

Price Contact Us
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Special automotive... Quick view

Reference: SIL129393

Brand: Silvertronic

Special automotive measurement tool kit

This kit is ideal for enlarging your wiring configurations on a multimeter or any other measurement tool.

Price €49.00
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-20% -20% Automotive Multi-meter AT-891 + PP-200 power probe multi tester Quick view

Reference: FTELATF60892

Automotive Multi-meter AT-891 + PP-200 power probe multi tester

This multimeter has the means of measurement necessary for the development and control of vehicles. It allows you to measure the number of turns, voltages, currents, frequencies, temperatures. Supplied with a pp-200 automotive power sensor for all electronic equipment. suitcase included, convenient for transport or storage

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Fuse Maxi circuit breaker with automatic reset Quick view
Price €8.04
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-50% -50% On sale! Amperometric Pliers with screen Quick view

Reference: FTELDF61

Amperometric Pliers with screen

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